Paleo and Whole 30 Beverage Ideas

My mom is reading more and more into the Paleo diet. She texted me the other morning and asked for ideas on what she can drink besides water. I can’t tell you how much I love, love, love when my friends and family ask me questions about making healthier lifestyle choices. That is the exact reason that I started this blog.

I sent her a few ideas, but wanted to share them here, too!

Whole 30 and Paleo Beverages // Whole Life Handbook //

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Current Favorites


Happy Friday! It seems like winter is back here in Wisconsin. I have some fun events with girlfriends this weekend that I’m looking forward to, even if it will be 30 degrees (which would have felt balmy a month ago).

Before the weekend hits, I thought it would be fun to share some of the products I’m loving right now.

Current Favorites // Whole Life Handbook //

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Whole 30 Round 2 / Week 1

As some of you may know, I am currently in the midst of my second round of Whole 30. If you are unfamiliar with what Whole 30 is, the intent is for it to be used as an elimination diet–to strip certain food groups from your diet for an extended period of time and then strategically add them back in to have a better understanding of what certain foods do to your body.

These food groups are added sugar (of any kind – including honey, stevia and Paleo sugars like coconut sugar and maple sugar), alcohol, gluten and non-gluten grains (rice, quinoa, oats, etc), legumes (peanuts, beans, peas, chickpeas, etc), and dairy (ghee, or clarified butter, is an exception). On top of these food groups, you cut out additives like carrageenan, MSG and sulfites–really any processed foods.

Aside from being used as an elimination diet, the other goal of the Whole 30 is to change your relationship with food. You are not allowed to recreate desserts, breads, tortillas, etc with “approved” ingredients–because in your brain, a slice of cake is still a slice of cake whether it’s made with refined sugar and wheat flour or coconut sugar and almond flour. That isn’t to say that the Paleo version isn’t a healthier choice, but the program is about making good food choices for 30 days.

Lastly, you’re not allowed to step on the scale, take any body measurements or count any calories during the 30 days. Because, as you’ll notice, this diet isn’t about losing weight (though I promise you will). It’s about learning to listen to your body and see weight change without stepping on the scale and other non-scale victories (i.e. clearing up acne, getting thyroid disorders under control, learning that it’s the sugar you are putting in your coffee every morning causing your midday crash).

It may seem overwhelming and it does take a lot of planning to be successful (one slip-up means you go back to Day 1), but hopefully some of the resources I’m providing here at Whole Life Handbook will inspire you to do it and help get you through it! Here’s an overview of what I ate during the first week (including links to recipes!)

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Tangy Paleo and Whole30 BBQ Sauce

In the winter, I make some sort of roast once per week. My favorite is a nice pork roast with BBQ sauce, served over a sweet potato and topped with coleslaw.

Have you ever tried to find BBQ sauce in the store without sugar in it? Nearly impossible (except for TesseMaes). Luckily, making your own sauce isn’t too difficult and much more cost-effective.

Since this sauce uses dates rather than honey, it is not only Paleo, but also Whole30 Compliant. You could also use a bit of unsweetened apple sauce in place of the dates.

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Welcome to Whole Life Handbook!

Welcome to the Whole Life Handbook! Thanks so much for stopping by. My goal with this blog is to prove to you that making healthy meals at home does not have to be time consuming. 95% of what comes out of my kitchen is Paleo, but I do bend the rules a bit for special occasions or when dining out. I’ve also done and encourage others to do the Whole30, so I’ll be sure to note which recipes are compliant and how you can modify them if they are not.

Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, or send me your favorite recipes that you’d like to see Paleo versions of!