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Happy Friday! It seems like winter is back here in Wisconsin. I have some fun events with girlfriends this weekend that I’m looking forward to, even if it will be 30 degrees (which would have felt balmy a month ago).

Before the weekend hits, I thought it would be fun to share some of the products I’m loving right now.

Current Favorites // Whole Life Handbook //

Apricot La Croix

I picked up two new-to-me flavors of La Croix this past week at Costco: Peach-Pear and Apricot. Both are great, but I’m really loving the Apricot. It reminds me of this apricot juice I used to drink as a kid, but without the 10lbs of added sugar (I’m probably not exaggerating).

Current Favorites // Whole Life Handbook //

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub

Acure Organics is an organic skincare line I recently discovered. What you are putting on your body is just as important as what you are putting in it. I like to look up all of my beauty products on Think Dirty, an app that rates products 0-10 based on their ingredients, 0 being the cleanest and 10 being STEP AWAY. Nearly all of Acure’s products rate 0-3 with many in the 0 category. I’ll do a longer post on natural skincare/beauty products in the near future. The best part is this scrub is under $10. I’ve found it on Thrive Market, Target and Whole Foods.

Current Favorites // Whole Life Handbook //

Tazo Unsweetened Iced Passion Tea

Anyone who knows me know that I’m an iced coffee girl, but lately I’ve been loving an iced Tazo Passion Tea in the afternoon. I like to brew it at home and serve it mixed with some lemon La Croix, or order it iced and unsweetened at Starbucks. Please do note that the concentrated version that comes in a carton is not Whole 30 compliant as it has cane sugar.

Current Favorites // Whole Life Handbook //

Applegate Grassfed Beef Hotdogs and Tesse Mae’s Ketchup

These dogs were on sale at Target last week so I had to grab some. It’s nice to shake things up (or pretend that you’re 5) every once in a while with different sources of protein, plus these are Whole 30 compliant. Add a side of Tesse Mae’s ketchup and I’m in heaven!

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